solar water heater

A solar water heater uses the sun's heat to raise the temperature inside vacuum glass "hot water pipes." This heat is then sent directly to the water. The vacuum is like a large thermos, allowing 93 percent of the solar energy to go in and only 3 to 5 percent to go out. The tank is insulated with compressed foam. Based on the reliability and efficiency of vacuum glass tube technology, these heaters can provide hot water 24 hours a day without electricity, depending on conditions and storage. The vacuum tube layer absorbs solar energy. It is then sent to the water and heated, the hot water "rises" into the tank, the cold water in the tank flows from the thermosiphon into the vacuum, starting the cycle.

These are great for saving on your energy bills as they don't use electricity. They also help reduce your carbon footprint by reducing your dependence on fossil fuels. These are some of the greenest products for everyday use. • The water heated in the solar water heater can be used for many purposes such as bathing, cooking and cleaning.