small solar dryer for household use

The heat intensity is twice that of the open sun – Reducing the dependence on labor for keeping and storing products in case of rain and strong wind can be avoided. Normal drying methods not only attract flies, dust and other microbes, but also cause problems during the rainy season. Since solar dryers are enclosed, this is no longer a problem.Since solar dryers are a one-time investment, you won't have any additional running costs unlike other dryers that use electricity as it uses solar energy from solar panel. Maintenance costs are also very negligible. Takes up less space. Unlike conventional solar heating, where you need a lot of space to spread out the food to dry, in solar dryers you can stack the products in trays and place them on top of each other, so they take up very little space. You can stack as many as you need and it's easy to carry. The ROI is much faster than conventional heating systems. No color degradation due to UV radiation. Because a layer is present between the food product and the sunlight source, the color and value of the food products are preserved. Sungrid solutions designs more efficient solar dryers that offer a way to preserve your fresh produce more efficiently and better address the global problem of food waste