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Sungrid Solution provides our clients with customised solutions for their power systems and provide sustainability for future generations using renewable energy

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what we do

Sungrid Solution provide quality & cost-efficient solar power solutions to households, industries, and other commercial establishments.We have resources for project design, procurement at competitive pricing,installation and maintenance. We discuss the requirements of our clients to offer them solutions that match their requirements. We use products from top component manufacturers, thereby ensuring high system reliability


Solar Installation

The skilled and dedicated EPC Team at Sungrid Solutions ensures the completion of each solar plant from concept to commissioning including its maintenance.Sungrid solutions has developed expertise in engineering, procurement , project management, construction and commissioning.Consultancy Assistance – Complete Assistance from starting till end.Designing solar power plant for maximum Energy efficiency to deliver the best financial result. Provide effective customized and cost optimized solar solutions for both residential & Industrial sector.

Solar Maintenance

Maintenance is important to enhance the performance and life of any system. Similarly, even if solar PV systems come with a high life cycle, it is important to regularly service them. Our solar plant maintenance plan is designed to help you achieve and maximise your solar PV investment return. With a large number of solar PV installers going out of business in recent years, we support both domestic and commercial clients who have been left without support for their system – if you are one of these, we are here to support you with your system maintenance and operational needs. As technical experts, we are here for your renewable technology maintenance needs. Including solar PV maintenance, solar panel cleaning services, a system remove and refit, system optimisations and other solar panel service requirements. .