CCTV Camera

The biggest technological leap has been on the software side with cameras having the built-in ability to offer a lot of analytics that used to be the stuff of sci-fi movies and high-end companies. What advanced analytics features are there? Object Counting – Whether you want to count the number of people who walk through your store's doors each day, or count how many cars drive in and out of your property each day, your camera system can provide you with the statistics you need. Electronic fence - Want an instant notification when a person enters a secured area? Your camera can give you real-time alerts whenever someone crosses an invisible boundary that only your camera system can see. Facial Recognition - See the second customer who has stolen from you in the past enter the store so you can quickly call the authorities. Monitor POS Transactions - Keep customers and employees honest and handle customer service issues fairly. License Plate Capture - Has a crime occurred in the community? Good thing a lot of surveillance cameras can identify a license plate of a car that didn't belong. Now you can give the police a lead and you can get real-time notifications if your cameras see that tag again.

Infra-Red Lighting. Like all cameras, CCTV cameras can only record objects if there is some amount of light shining on them
. Two-Way Audio
. Automatic Number Plate Recognition
. Facial Recognition
. Other Video Analytics Features
. Real-Time Alerts
. Cloud Storage
. Wireless Connectivity.