Solar power calculator

How to Calculate Your Consumption

You may roughly calculate the consumption for your connection on the basis of the load of each one of your household appliances by looking at the table given below and adding up the load for all your general lighting items, heating appliances, cooling appliances and other items which you may possess in your house. 1000 W (watts) is 1KW (kilowatt).

Appliances Approximate Load(Watts) No. of equipments Average Hrs/Day

Your requirement ⇒

Inverter Capacity : 0.00

Total Units per day : 0.00

Your solar inverter sizing
Solar Inverter (Kilo Watts) : 0.00
Solar Panel (Kilo Watts Power) : 0.00
Solar Battery (AH) : 0.00

100 AH : 0.00 Nos or

120 AH : 0.00 Nos or

150 AH : 0.00 Nos

For Night Usage(AH)
25% 50% 75% 100%

These are approximate figures to get a general idea about your solar power plant according to your consumption. For more details please contact us.