Street Lights Central management System (CMS)
Central Management System (CMS) is the latest technology for street lighting that allows full management of lighting from a central Solar based. In this System the solar PV Modules, the inverter and the batteries are placed at a central point. The power from system is distributed through power line connected to the street lights.
  The advantages of this system are,
  • The maintenance of the Solar PV modules, batteries and inverter is easier than standalone system
  • As the system is hybrid the solar street light can also work on days when there is no proper sun shine especially during cloudy and rainy season as it can be powered from the local available Electricity or generator.
  • The street lights are to be placed at equal distance and there is a possibility of shading on some of the standalone street lights which can be avoided.
  • The batteries are supposed to be placed where there is no direct sunlight which causes damage to the batteries which can be avoided in the CMS system.
  • This systems is the best for institutions, college, Hospitals etc
  • Accurately measures and manages energy consumption
  • The ability to set switching timings accurately