steet light standalonE

The easiest and cheapest way to utilizing solar energy is going in for standalone street lights. It gives immediate lighting solution in any given situation. They get charged during the day when the sun is out working and photocells or timers help them to identify dusk and get switched on from dusk till dawn. They are well exposed on roads to the sun and so receiving solar energy is quite easy.
The solar street lights can also be used at public parks and in your private lawns and gardens. They will start to automatically light up after the dusk settles in. The power with which Solar Street Lights operate might range from 20 to 200 Watts that can be served by lead acid storage batteries.

  Main features of standalone systems are:
  • In remote places, where there is no grid at all.
  • For initial development of town ships, providing general illumination.
  • Suitable for gardens and landscaping, better aesthetics.
  DO's of Solar Street Light System:
  • Make sure that the Direct sunlight is falling on the Solar module
  • Make sure that the Solar module surface is clean. Use water for cleaning the surface.
  • Make sure that the fuse is replaced with correct rating.
  DONT'S of Solar Street Light System:
  • Do not cover the solar module with protective grills etc, as this will reduce the light falling on the solar module.
  • Never short the battery either directly or indirectly.
  • Direct sunlight on the battery should be avoided.