Solar Water Heating system is generally installed at the roof tops, terrace or where sunlight is available. Solar water heater heats up water during day time which is stored in an insulated storage tank for later use or when required including mornings. This hot water can be used for Domestic purpose like Washing, Cooking, Bathing, this can also be installed in hotels for cleaning vessels and for cooking.
  A Solar Water Heating consists of three major parts..
  • Solar thermal collectors,
  • Water tanks,
  • Interconnecting pipelines.
Solar radiation hit the collector ,heats up the tubes, the heat energy is transferred to water flowing through it. The performance of the SWHS largely depends on the collector’s efficiency at capturing the incident solar radiation and transferring it to the water. Heated water is collected in a Tank. Tank must be insulated to prevent heat loss.
  Special Features:
  • Makes hot water available even on partially cloudy days.
  • Improved performance.
  • Latest Technology.
  • Safe and environment friendly.
  • Easy to install, operate and maintain.
  • Made up of non-corrosive material(Stainless steel solar water heater at best price)
  • Simpler and safer to use.
  • No fuel bill.
  • Works in every climate.
  • Reduces Energy costs.