Solar batteries are different from normal automobile batteries. These batteries are designed to be reliabile, consistent and are of low maintenances. These type of batteries called as tubular monobloc batteries. This batteries are wide available from 20Ah to 200 Ah @ C10 rating

  • Solar Tubular Batteries are made of robust & aesthetically superior PPCP (Polypropylene Co Polymer) container, results in excellent corrosion resistance and long life.
  • Solar Batteries have high acid reservoir resulting in reduced need for water top-up even in extreme environmental conditions.
  • Low antimony alloy minimizes water loss thereby reduces the topping up frequencies.
  • Heavy duty tubular plates for excellent cycle life (1500 cycles at 80% DOD and 5000 cycles at 20% DOD).
  • Low rate of self discharge less than 3% per month at 27 C.
  • Capacity to withstand partial stage of charge operation (PSOC). Deep cycling capabilities.
  • Ideal for frequent charge / discharge cycles.
  • Higher ampere-hour and watt-hour efficiencies. Long Service Life.ded)