Sealed Maintanance Free Batteries(SMF)
Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) Batteries are designed to offer reliable, consistent and low maintenance power for UPS applications. These batteries can be subject to deep cycle applications and minimum maintenance in rural and power deficit areas.
In today's information age, one cannot ignore the need for battery systems designed to save vital information and data and run critical instrumentations for desired durations. Batteries are required to deliver instant power. Unreliable and inferior batteries can result in the loss of data and equipment shutdowns that can cost companies considerable financial losses. Therefore, the UPS segments calls for the use of a reliable and proven battery system.
At present, SMF batteries are 20 percent costlier than conventional lead acid batteries.SMF batteries are also environment-friendly, require very less space and can be used in any position.“These have very low permeability, low-resistance current path and fast recharge capability.They are available from 20AH to 200AH
  Consumer Benefit
  • Freedom from electrolyte maintenance or water adding
  • Ease of transport
  • Long service life & Low self-discharge rate
  • No corrosive gas generation.The batteries are sealed properly so that no corrosive gas generated during normal usage