SUNGRID TECHNOLOGIES provide solutions meeting your demand. We have the right Solution consists of consulting , energy audit, system sizing, installation and maintenance for your needs. As different Clients have different needs Sungird offers the exact service you require.


Consulting & Project Devolopment
Regardless of whether it is a rooftop PV system or a utility solar power plant our solar projects are customized solutions. We provide you with high level of support at all the stages of your solar project implementation.

Energy Audit
Assessing present pattern of energy consumption and suggest improvements in energy usage by adopting solar energy solutions.

Solar Power plant Sizing / designing
The first step in solar PV system design is sizing. It is the most important aspect of design and based on it everything is worked upon. If you undersize the solar pv system you will not generate enough power from the system.

Implementation and Commissioning.
Our Technical team have the skills, experience and the technical knowhow to complete Photo voltaic projects within the scheduled deadline. Our experienced professionals coordinate processes effectively by keeping down expenses and saving time ensuring successful implementation of every projects.

We provide basic training and awareness to our esteemed customers on solar system operation, features & preventive maintenance for solar panels, Batteries etc.

Proper maintenance ensures that solar system life is preserved for as long as possible and the original conditions of the system are sustained, while compensating for normal wear & tear. Solar system require little maintenance to other electrical systems such as Diesel Generators.