Online UPS
ONLINE UPS provides an independent, no break source of clean, stable, transient free uninterrupted power supply with output neutral bonded to ground, protect critical loads against power line disturbances and loss of commercial power. The UPS gave an accurately controlled sine wave AC output without any line disturbances.Online UPS are available in the range of 1KVA to 20 KVA
  • Latest State of the art design using IGBT technology with high frequency switching
  • Indigenous design specially for hostile Indian power conditions
  • High efficiency to reduce operating costs
  • Absolutely no break in power supply-True online
  • Pure sine wave
  • Complete isolation from mains - protection from spike surge, RFI, EMI, etc.
  • Generator compatible
  • Microprocessor / Micro Controller / DSP based design
  • Active Power Factor Corrections
  • Computer grade power supply
AC INPUT 200/415V +15% - 20% for Three Phase Input
Frequency 60/50 Hz + 6%
Charging time 12 Hours for 90% of full Capacity
Charger Type CVCC Internal Controlled Rectifier type
Technology IGBT Double Conversion
Output Voltage 200/400V AC Three Phase
Voltage Regulation +1% for DC I/P variation & o/p load variation
Frequency 60/50 Hz + 0.05Hz
Waveform PWM Sine wave
Harmonic Distortion Less than 3%
Inverter Efficiency >92%
Power Factor 0.8
Overload 150% for 60 sec
Crest Factor 3:1
Transient Recovery +4 % under full change and convert and corrected within 60 msec
Phase Displacement 1200 + 10
Audible Noise Less than 45 dB at 1 Meter
Dimension a) 10 to 20 kVA(1040 x 350x910)
  b) 30 to 60 kVA(1250x450x1150)
  c) 75 to 200 kVA(1200x600x1350)
Operating temperature 00C to 500C
Humidity Max 95%,Non-condesing