domestic inverter
Home power inverter is to provide uninterrupted power to run household electric devices. These inverters for home are available in different voltage and load capacities. Its quality is excellent and almost all electrical and electronic appliances work well in sine wave inverter. We have a wide range of home inverters from 600 VA to 3000VA.
The sine wave is the AC waveform we get from the domestic lines and from the generator. The major advantage of sine wave inverter is that all of the house hold appliances are designed to operate in sine wave AC.
  • Instant switchover: In the event of a power failure, the switchover process to battery mode takes just a few milliseconds. This ensures that connected appliances like computers keep getting uninterrupted power without the systems rebooting due to a power failure.

  • Automatic overload regulation: In case of overload, the Falcon Sine Wave UPS resets itself automatically to turn on again. The system will retry 8 times to run the existing load, giving the user repeated alarms and enough time to reduce the load without having to shut down the system.

  • UPS mode/Wide UPS mode: The two-way selection switch gives you the option to select the system mode. You can select UPS mode for sensitive appliances like TVs, computers, scanners or inverter mode for tube lights, fans.

  • User-friendly graphical display with audible alerts: Falcon Sine Wave UPS has a bright graphical display equipped with an audible alarm that keeps you informed and alert about the system's condition.

  • Micro controller based operation: Based on the world's most advanced micro-controller technology, which improves the efficiency of the whole system and provides clean power as well.

  • Automatic low battery protection: Checks batteries while in battery mode to protect them from deep discharge. Alerts user during emergency with a buzzer sound.

  • Smart short circuit protection: Protects appliances in case of any short circuit. The system beeps and retries 4 times. After 4 beeps, the system shuts down automatically.

  • Efficient & Fast Charging: Home inverter charges its battery 50% faster, which helps the product to work really efficiently and give much longer power backup as compared to normal inverters in areas with frequent power cuts.

  • Battery Deep Discharge Protection: Our Home UPS system increases the life of the battery by saving it from excess discharge. It senses and retains a small percentage of the power inside the battery attached at all times. The system helps the Battery to retain the basic charge required for efficient and long life.
600Va/100Ah 750Va/120ah 1000Va/100ah*2
500Watts 600Watts 800Watts
14.2Volt 14.2Volt 28.5Volt
10.5Volt 10.5Volt 21Volt
Sine Sine Sine
600Va/100Ah 750Va/120ah 1000Va/100ah*2
3 3 7
2 3 5
1 1 1
Optional Optional Optional
0 Optional Optional
Optional Optional Optional
Motor(1/2 HP)
0 0 Optional