BLDC Ceiling Fan

We Have the pleasure to introduce our Brand of BLDC fan – SMART FAN . This fan has a Brushless DC electronic motor that is super-efficient and works with max power usage of 30 Watts when regular fan uses more than 80 watts of power or more. The fan does not need a regulator and works with a remote control. There is a LED at the center of the fan that blinks and shows the fan speed when it is changed. Although this fan is a little different from other fans, the installation was quite easy and straightforward. The energy meter used  to measure the power consumption and it was as follows:








3.8 watts

7.7 watts

13.8 watts

22.7 watts

30.3 watts


  • Durable
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy Installation
BLDC Fan Features:
1, Super energy ceiling fan with smooth start without any jerk
2, Power consumption only 30 watts
3, BEE 5 star compliance
4, This fan runs 3 times longer on inverter resulting in longer battery life
5, NO humming noise
6, Operating Voltage 90V – 270V Ac
7, No heating of the fan even after long hours of runtime resulting in extra long life.
8, Over voltage protection: When the input voltage range goes beyond 270v, it will automatically cutoff.
9, Over wattage Protection: If the fan takes more wattage (> 45W) the over load is released. And there after it will be switched ON by wall switch only.
10, Easy speed control, using the Smart Remote.
11, Timer Button: Allows to Auto Switch OFF the fan at a predefined time Period.
12, Smart Mode: By pressing the “SMART” button the fan will reduce the sped by 10RPM after every hour every hour up to 6 hours and maintain the speed thereafter. Again to maintain the regular speed press the button accordingly.
13, Every fan is tested in extreme conditions before shipping.
14, LED Light: This can be used as a night lamp and brightness can be increased by pressing button repeatedly.
15, Auto Cleaning: In this fan blade are cleaned automatically by reverse button