Biometric Time Attendance

Biometrics technology can be used as a type of employee time management system because of its ability to recognize people’s unique physiological characteristics. Biometrics based time and attendance terminals are becoming increasingly popular in today’s market because of their many benefits (and, lets face it, hand or face scanning equipment is just pretty awesome). Because biometrics terminals read a person’s unique fingerprint, iris, hand shape, or face shape, they ensure that employees cannot clock in for one another, thereby preventing employee time theft.
One of the most prevalent biometric technologies is the fingerprint recognition system; by placing a finger on the scanner, the time clock terminal reads the fingerprint and allows the person to clock in or out. Learn more about how fingerprint biometric time clocks work.

Biometric time and attendance registration and identification reduces or can eliminate the need for any manual reentry of timekeeping data into a payroll system when the two are integrated. The result is accurate payroll processing that can take as little as 20 minutes per pay period. Reducing the time it takes to run payroll while increasing data accuracy through collection by biometrics can lead to increases in both productivity and cost savings. There are different models available and thease features of ESSL K30 is given below.

  • Durable
  • Low maintenance
  • Reliable
ESSL K30 Fingerprint Time & Attendance with Access Control System
Fingerprints Templates : 1,000
Transaction Storage: 1,00,000
Card Capacity : 1000
Card Reader : Yes
Push Data: Yes
Fingerprint sensor : 500 DPI Optical Sensor
FAR: <=0.0001 % I FRR: <=l %
Identication Speed : <= 1 sec
Algorithm Ver : 10
Display : 2.8" TFT Sceen
Keypad : 4 x 4 Keypad
LED Indicator : Green/Red
Schedule Bell/Speaker : Mini Speaker
Communication: TCP/IP, USB-host
Standard Features : Inbuilt Battery Backup,
Self Service Query,SSR Recorder,Automatic
Status Switch, DST,T9 Input,